Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A


Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A
Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A
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Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A

Product Model: Country Hunter RT
Availability: In Stock

Brand: Fury Offroad

Model: Country Hunter RT

Size: LT305/55R20

Aspect Ratio: 55

Inflated Diameter: 33.5

Inflated Width: 12.5

Load Index: 121/118

Load Range: E

Max Load Pressure: 3195/2910@65

Ply: 10

Section Width: 305

Service Description: 121/118Q

Sidewall: Black

Speed Index: Q

Tire Rim Diameter: 20

Tire Type: Hybrid AT/MT

Tread Depth: 16.4

Weight: 66.8 lbs

Warranty: Manufacturer mileage warranty

Product Description

Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A

Who is Fury Tires?

You can't go anywhere or to any show without seeing a set of aftermarket Fury tires. They are a staple in the show truck scene. They truly make fantastic tires that hold up to abuse and that grip all kinds of terrain but people usually purchase them because they are affordable and look great.

So it makes sense why they are such a popular choice, right? Best of both worlds. Get traction for life with Fury Off-Road Tires.

What Makes the Country Hunter RT So Great?

The most popular option of the Country Hunter tire lineup, the RT, is a hybrid tire. A hybrid tire is the love child of a mud tire and an all-terrain tire. This means that it is optimized to be able to handle off-road terrain all while still being quiet and comfortable on the road.

You can easily daily drive these babies and drive them year-round. They still look aggressive though on top of it. This is why hybrids have become so crazy popular, you can truly have it all with a hybrid tire.

The RT offers variable siping for wet and slippery conditions, a 3-ply construction for durability and strength, stone ejectors to do exactly as the name says, and multi-directional staggered block design for a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride on the highway while still having traction off the road.

This is a great tire for a daily driver or someone who loves outdoor activities as well as the show guy that needs simply a stretchable and tough tire. In all conditions, weather, or time of year you can run these tires and trust that they will be strong, grippy, and smooth.

Tire Specs for the Fury Off-Road Country Hunter RT:

  • Wheel diameters from 17 inches up to 22 inches
  • Tire height from 33 inches up to 37 inches
  • Load ranges D, E, and F
  • Hybrid composition
  • Prices starting at $1,086 for a set

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Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A

Fury Country Hunter RT RT3055520A