Matte Bronze

18X8 Offset: +45

Available Bolt Patterns: 5x4.5

18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645
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18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645

Product Model: MR131
Availability: In Stock

Brand: Motegi

Model: MR131

Part Number: MR13188012645

Color: Matte Bronze

Backspacing: 6.27

Offset: +45

Wheel Diameter: 18

Wheel Width: 8

Hub Bore: 72.60

Load Rating: 1280

Wheel Exposed Lugs: Yes

Wheel Material: Rotary Forged

Weight: 18.7

Wheel Structure: One Piece

Wheel Spoke Number: 5

Bolt Patterns: 5x4.5

True Directional: No

Product Description

18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645

18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645


Upgrade the look of your vehicle with the Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS. These high-quality wheels combine stylish design with exceptional performance, making them a perfect choice for car enthusiasts who want to enhance their driving experience. With a sleek matte bronze finish, the Motegi MR131 RIMS are sure to turn heads on the road.

Brand and Model:

The Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS are a product of Motegi, a renowned brand in the automotive industry. Known for their commitment to excellence, Motegi wheels are designed to deliver both style and durability. The MR131 model represents the brand's dedication to providing customers with top-of-the-line rims that enhance the overall appearance and performance of their vehicles.

Part Number:

The specific part number for the Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS is MR13188012645. This unique identification code allows you to easily find and order the exact product you desire, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Color and Finish:

The standout feature of the Motegi MR131 RIMS is their striking matte bronze color. This rich and distinctive finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any vehicle. The matte bronze hue beautifully complements a wide range of car colors, from bold and vibrant to understated and classic.

Backspacing and Offset:

The Motegi MR131 RIMS have a backspacing measurement of 6.27 inches. This measurement refers to the distance between the back edge of the rim and the mounting surface. The +45 offset indicates that the wheel's mounting surface is positioned closer to the front face of the wheel, resulting in a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

Wheel Diameter and Width:

These Motegi MR131 RIMS feature a wheel diameter of 18 inches. This size strikes a perfect balance between visual impact and performance. The 18-inch diameter provides ample clearance for brake components and offers a desirable aesthetic appeal. The wheel width is 8 inches, offering a stable and secure grip on the road.

Hub Bore:

The hub bore of the Motegi MR131 RIMS measures 72.60 millimeters. The hub bore is the central hole through which the wheel fits onto the vehicle's hub assembly. This measurement ensures a precise fit, promoting stability and minimizing vibrations during driving.

Load Rating:

The Motegi MR131 RIMS boast a robust load rating of 1280 pounds. This rating indicates the maximum weight that each wheel can safely support. With such a high load rating, these rims are engineered to withstand heavy loads and demanding driving conditions without compromising safety or performance.


In summary, the Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS (Part Number: MR13188012645) are a superior choice for car enthusiasts seeking a stylish and high-performing wheel upgrade. With their eye-catching matte bronze finish, precise fitment, and exceptional load rating, these rims deliver both aesthetic appeal and reliability on the road. Elevate the look of your vehicle and enjoy a confident driving experience with the Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS.

18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645

18 Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze RIMS MR13188012645