20x9 Offset +10

Available Bolt Patterns 5x5 5x5.5 6x135 6x5.5

20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB
20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB
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20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB

Product Model: 01R
Availability: In Stock

Brand: RBP

Model: 01R

Part Number: 01R-2090-58+10FB

Color: Gloss Black

Backspacing: 5.39

Offset: +10

Wheel Diameter: 20

Wheel Width: 9

Hub Bore: 78.10

Load Rating: 2500

Wheel Exposed Lugs: No

Wheel Material: Alloy

Weight: 37.00

Wheel Structure: One Piece

Wheel Spoke Number: 8

Bolt Patterns: 5x5 5x5.5 6x135 6x5.5

True Directional: No

Other Colors:

Gloss Black

Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Windows


Product Description

20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB

20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB

Enhance the look and performance of your vehicle with the 20" RBP Wheels 01R Gloss Black RIMS. Designed by RBP Wheels, a renowned brand in the automotive industry, these wheels offer a perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality. With their sleek gloss black finish and impressive specifications, these wheels are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Brand: RBP:

RBP, which stands for Rolling Big Power, is a leading brand known for manufacturing high-quality aftermarket wheels and accessories. With their commitment to innovation and exceptional craftsmanship, RBP has earned a reputation for producing top-notch products that meet the demands of off-road enthusiasts and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Model: 01R:

The 20" RBP Wheels 01R Gloss Black RIMS belong to the 01R model lineup. The 01R model is recognized for its aggressive and bold design, which perfectly complements a wide range of vehicles, from trucks to SUVs. It offers a rugged yet refined aesthetic that adds an extra touch of style to your vehicle's overall appearance.

Part Number: 01R-2090-58+10FB:

The specific part number for these wheels is 01R-2090-58+10FB. This alphanumeric code helps identify and distinguish these wheels from other variants offered by RBP. The part number ensures that you receive the exact product you desire, meeting your specific requirements and preferences.

Color: Gloss Black:

These RBP wheels come in a striking gloss black finish, which exudes a sense of sophistication and modernity. The sleek black color not only enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle but also provides a versatile backdrop that complements various exterior paint schemes and styles.

Backspacing: 5.39:

With a backspacing measurement of 5.39, these wheels offer optimal fitment for your vehicle. Backspacing is the distance from the mounting surface to the inner edge of the wheel, affecting the wheel's position within the wheel well. The precise backspacing of these wheels ensures proper clearance and alignment, contributing to a smooth and safe driving experience.

Offset: +10:

The offset of these wheels is +10, indicating the positioning of the wheel mounting surface in relation to the wheel's centerline. A positive offset means the mounting surface is closer to the wheel's front face, resulting in a more tucked-in appearance. The +10 offset of these wheels provides an aggressive stance while maintaining proper clearance for suspension components and brakes.

Wheel Diameter: 20:

These RBP wheels have a wheel diameter of 20 inches. The larger diameter not only adds a bold and commanding presence to your vehicle but also improves handling and performance. With 20-inch wheels, you can achieve a balanced combination of style and functionality, making a statement on both the street and off-road terrains.

Wheel Width: 9:

The wheel width of these RBP wheels is 9 inches. The width measurement affects the tire's sidewall bulge and the overall grip of the tire on the road. With a 9-inch width, these wheels strike a perfect balance between performance and aesthetics, allowing for a wider tire footprint that enhances traction and handling capabilities.

Hub Bore: 78.10:

The hub bore refers to the diameter of the center hole on the wheel, which ensures a precise fit onto the vehicle's hub. The 78.10 hub bore measurement indicates that these wheels are designed to fit vehicles with a hub size of 78.10 millimeters. The accurate hub bore size guarantees a secure and vibration-free fitment, promoting a smooth and comfortable ride.

Load Rating: 2500:

The load rating specifies the maximum weight capacity that each wheel can safely support. With a load rating of 2500 pounds, these RBP wheels are built to withstand heavy loads and demanding driving conditions. Whether you're hauling cargo or venturing off-road, these wheels provide the strength and durability necessary to handle the rigors of your adventures.


The 20" RBP Wheels 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB are an exceptional choice for vehicle owners seeking a perfect blend of style, performance, and reliability. With their bold design, sleek gloss black finish, and impressive specifications, these wheels are guaranteed to enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Trust RBP to deliver top-quality products that meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts and off-road adventurers alike.

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20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB

20"RBP WHEELS 01R Gloss Black RIMS 01R-2090-58+10FB