Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138


Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138
Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138
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Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138

Product Model: Renegade RT
Availability: In Stock

Brand: Radar

Model: Renegade RT

Size: LT295/70R17

Aspect Ratio: 70

Inflated Diameter: 33.5

Inflated Width: 11.8

Load Index: 121/118

Load Range: E

Max Load Pressure: 3195/2910@80

Ply: 10

Section Width: 295

Service Description: 121/118Q

Sidewall: Black

Speed Index: Q

Tire Rim Diameter: 17

Tire Type: Hybrid AT/MT

Tread Depth: 16.38

Weight: 65.82 lbs

Warranty: Manufacturer mileage warranty

Product Description

Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138

Radar Tires is the flagship brand of Omni United and brings a range of various tires to both passenger and light trucks. They use the latest equipment, materials, and manufacturing processes to create reliable tires that are in compliance with the highest regulatory certifications. With the Radar Renegade RT, they have created a tire that can take on tough terrains while still delivering a smooth ride on pavement.
What Makes the Radar Renegade RT So Good?
The Renegade RT is a rugged terrain tire that was designed to give reliable off-road performance while still delivering a comfortable ride on the road. It brings a level of superior handling and smooth ride while on the road but has the same capabilities as a mud terrain tire to make off-roading a quick, easy decision.
What Makes the Radar Renegade RT Special?
The dual sidewall with its unique, functional options bring a sense of style and personality to this rugged terrain model. One sidewall features dagger shaped lugs that are designed to help penetrate mud while the other side has a flaming demon design with wedge shaped lugs. Both options help bring aggressive flair to this tire as well as added traction and sidewall protection.
What Sizes Does the Radar Renegade RT Come In?
These tires are made in various sizes between 32 and 37 inches in diameter with section widths ranging from 10.8 to 13.5 inches wide. The Radar Renegade RT has a load range of XL, E, or F depending on the size selected and comes with a limited 45,000 Miles Treadwear Warranty.
Radar Renegade RT Features
  • Dual Sidewall Design with flaming demon design and dagger shaped lugs options
  • Lateral Grooves and Angled Sipes to enhance traction
  • 3-Ply Sidewall Construction for increased stability and puncture resistance
  • Optimized Tread Block Layout for reliable traction on any terrain/li>
  • Wide Center Tread Blocks to balance weight distribution and even tread wear

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Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138

Radar Renegade RT RASYTH0138